We provide reliable services

Express Distribution Equipment

Unassembled Siemens P1 – P5 panelboards and switchboards up to 2000a available in stock. All-Phase Grand Rapids is a factory authorized assembler of Siemens panelboards and switchboards.  

Delivery Services

Same day rush shipping and also nighttime delivery service is available! We have the resources to get the material to you when YOU need it, not when it is convenient for us.

Lighting and energy audits

Talk to a specialist today to see how you can take advantage of rebates on lighting and drive products from Consumers Energy. We can tell you how fast our products will pay back based on energy and maintenance savings.  

Rapid Solutions

Cloud based project management with real time shipping updates and automatic reporting Dedicated warehouse for project storage and material handling with just in time deliveries to jobsites.  


“We offer the most flexible VMI system available. You can replenish or have us replenish for you, set your own min max levels, and get material on order right away!”